The Night Cap

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Banish bedhead burden with the Platinum Night Cap and wake up to smooth , glossy; frizz-free tresses.  

Tossing and turning on abrasive linen bedding can damage the hair cuticle leading to breakage. This nightly friction hinders hair growth and may contribute to thinning hair, frizz, tangles and split ends. 

Inspired by the time tested tradition of wrapping hair, The Platinum Night Cap is designed to be worn nightly to combat overnight damage. This innovative hair wrap is hand crafted using the finest luxurious Mulberry silk to provide optimal hair benefits. 

Achieve your ultimate beauty sleep with this opulent wrap saving you time on morning restyling.  Glamorous and comfortable to wear, The Night Cap cocoons your tresses while you sleep , protecting  against friction damage, frizz and breakage . 

Less absorbent than other materials, the silk wrap won't draw moisture out of the hair. In fact it naturally conditions by evenly distributing natural oils from root to tip,  extending time between washes as oily roots and dry ends are balanced. Reparative and protective, this nightly hair wrap provides an optimum environment for growth and encourages, longer, stronger, thicker-looking locks.

The Night Cap is also amazing for those that wear extensions, helping to reduce tugging and tension at the root while preventing tangles or matting midlengths , preserving your luxurious Platinum locks for longer. 

One size. Suitable for all hair types, including extensions. Fits XS - XL head (20" - 26")


Step 1: Arrange and hold your hair in place allowing you to scoop into your Night Cap, releasing locks into the silk cocoon as it slides on. For a soft subtle wave while you sleep , wear your hair up into a bun at the crown of your head. There are many different ways to wear your hair that deliver a stunning style come morning. 

Step 2: Tuck all your hair within your wrap so the elasticated silk edge is completely covering your hairline and the tip of your ears, this will ensure it sits tight, protecting and nourishing your locks all through the night.

Replace after 4 - 6 months of nightly use. Not to be worn with damp/wet hair.

Hand Wash Only