Clip in care instructions

Wash your hair clean and dry it completely before applying the clip-ins.

Wash the extension hair in cool or lukewarm water with Alcohol sulphate and silicone free shampoo. When washing do not rub vigorously. Hair extensions don’t produce natural oils therefore they don’t need to be washed regularly. Depending how often you apply the extensions we recommend washing them every 10th wear.

Towel-dry the hair as much as possible and then use a hair dryer with a strong airflow on a low heat setting.

When combing always comb from the bottom of the hair first and work your way up to the root with a large-toothed comb.

If you use hair spray or other styling products, avoid those containing Alcohol. (Alcohol makes the hair dry & frizzy)

Always remove your Clip-in hair extensions before sleeping, exercising or bathing.

Store clip-in hair extensions on Hanger provided. Detangle hair before storage.

Always use heat protection when styling with heated tools and style at maximum 180°C. Clip-in hair extensions can be styled before application.

DO NOT use hair colour, colour bomb, toning, tinting, colour mask, silver shampoo and bleach on clip-in extensions.

Avoid contact with sunscreen containing Avobenzone this may cause discolouration to the hair. Protect the hair from the sun and sunbeds with heat protection.