Malibu C - Water Testing Single Sachet

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Test your water for the presence of calcium and magnesium (hard water), along with chlorine - elements that most adversely affect hair, scalp, and skin.

1 x Single Sachet 


Easy Steps for Testing the Hardness of Water:

  1. Tear open the Water Hardness Test Strip package and remove the test strip. Keep the package to refer to the key indicating levels of hardness.
  2. Insert the greyish-green coloured end of the water hardness test strip into the flow of water for a few seconds then remove it from the water. We recommend you test the water you use to shampoo and bathe (shower or tub).
  3. After 12 seconds, compare the water hardness test strip to the key on the side of the test strip package indicating the levels of hardness.
    < Green = Soft < Brown = Hard Water < Orange = Very Hard Water