Pixie-Link Microbeads

€47.00 EUR
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Platinum Pixie Links  are salon professional microbead extensions which allows customers to add length, colour and volume for healthy looking hair.

The unique extension system developed by Platinum uses no glue, or substances in the natural hair, for zero damage to your natural hair.

The microbead extensions are applied and attached using miniature micro links, coloured to match the mid lengths/ends of the hair for a seamless and discreet blend.

Select from a range of multiple tonal blends. Mixing blends from Platinum Luxury hair extensions colour range means you can create a custom blend of shades to achieve your desired colour, adding highlights or a balayage effect without the need for hair dyes or bleach, resulting in damage-free colour. Extend the length of your hair and add thickness whatever your natural hair length.

Available in 22 inch which can be customised to your desired look.

Beads are not included and must be purchased separately.

Clients love this method as customers can experience a total transformation and reuse the hair for multiple applications. Expect extensions to regrow naturally with your own hair and have them refitted and lifted higher - back up closer to the root every 8/10 weeks.


    • 25g per pack


    • 1 gram per bond


    • 22’ Italian Human Hair


    • 80% Double Drawn