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• Advice prior to your extension fitting: On the day of your application we ask all clientsto wash your hair twice with a good clarifying shampoo, apply conditioner to mid lengths & ends and ensure you blow dry your hair straight do not let it dry naturally.

• After fitting: It is normal to lose up to 10 bonds/beads during the duration of your
extensions due to natural hair fall.

• Washing: Do not wash your extensions more than twice a week. When washing your hair make sure you are upright standing in the shower or at a salon basin, NEVER wash your head over the sink to wash your extensions. First wash will break down any oils & build up. Second wash will thoroughly cleanse the hair. Ensure you are using the correct
shampoo recommended by your stylist.

• NEVER apply conditioner/treatment directly to the bonds as this will cause them to loosen/slip.


• Drying: Gently towel dry your extensions to remove the excess water then apply a leave in conditioner/oil. Ensure you are using the Platinum extension brush & are brushing from the ends up so you are not pulling the hair.

• Blast off your hair ensuring the bonds are dry, section off hair & blow dry each section. Never let your hair dry naturally as this causes shedding.

• Styling: When using any heated tools (Hair dryer/straitening or curling irons) make sure you are using a heat  protector recommended by your stylist. Avoid hitting of bonds with heat tools.

• Colouring: We do not recommend you to colour the hair extensions, however you can have your roots covered with a tint masking or t-bar or highlights. (Do not apply colour to the bonds).

• Sleeping: Pull your hair back into a low pony/plait at the nape of your neck, this will prevent your extensions from tangling or getting matted.

• Swimming: We strongly recommend tying your hair up and keep away from water as sea/chlorine water can damage and discolour the hair.

• Sun Protection/oil: Wear a hat to protect your hair from UV exposure, apply a UV heat protector to mid length & ends of extensions. Tie your hair up when applying after sun, sun cream & tanning products to avoid discolouration.

• Daily routine: Brush extensions from ends to root using the Platinum hair extension brush and separate the bonds.

• Hair extension life: Hair extensions will last 3/5 months if you follow the aftercare advice given by your stylist.

• Removal: Return to the salon to have your extensions professionally removed at the recommended time advised by your stylist. Never try remove the extensions yourself.


Platinum recommend that each client follows the aftercare advices as instructed to ensure longevity of the hair. If  other branded products are used, responsibility no longer lies with us. Please do not use products containing Silicone, sulphate or alcohol.