How Do I Get Started?

Pop into our stunning D'Olier studio anytime within our opening hours for your complementary consultation. No appointment necessary when wishing to speak with our professional hair extension technicians. Our team will be go through any questions or queries you have, advise you as to your suitability for extensions and perform a colour matching service to ensure you receive the best possible result. If you decide to go ahead with the application, rest assured you won’t have weeks to wait for an appointment with a team full of experienced experts open 6 days a week, we do our very best to accommodate everyone.

How Long Does it Take For Hair Extensions to be Applied?

This depends on your application (half head, ¾ head, full head). Your stylist will be able to determine the amount of hair you need at consultation based on your own hair type and the look you are aiming to achieve. Generally, we allow 2 hours for fitting and styling.

What Colour Should I Choose?

In order to ensure you receive the exact colour for your hair, a colour match needs to take place. Your professional hair extension consultant will perform this at the time of consultation. Your hair should be matched from the middle to the ends. Never purchase hair the colour of your roots as it is always darker. The blending of your hair from the bottom is the most important as the ends sit on top of the extensions.

Can I Mix Several Colours?

Mixing colours is a brilliant idea. Most people have more than one colour in their hair. Blending several shades together gives a more natural look, this is also a great way to create fashion trends such as ‘Ombre’ or ‘Balayage’ or to simply add some subtle lighter tones.

About Hair Extensions

 What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair Extensions are sections of hair designed to add length or volume to your natural hair giving you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of different styles. This is adding hair to your natural hair by means of bonding, seamless, beads, clips and more. There are many variations to all of these techniques. At Platinum we use the Prebond method and cater specifically to Utip hair. Human hair extensions can be cut, curled and styled. Synthetic hair extensions cannot.

What are Human Hair Extensions?

Human hair extensions are made from real human hair, generally graded for type and length which may come in its natural shade or dyed to suit a wider range of hair colours. Platinum use 100% Human Hair. Nothing can beat the versatility of real human hair: unlike synthetic hair it can be styled with heat allowing you to enjoy a variety of styling options, Real human hair is also surprisingly durable, and can outlast artificial hair extensions. Our clients enjoy on average 3-5 months of gorgeous good hair days.

What Type of Hair Do You Use?

We use the finest luxury Italian hair. Only the finest virgin (untreated and not previously coloured) hair is used in our ‘Platinum Prestige’ range. High quality human hair is handpicked and aligned so that every single strand runs in the same direction that it grows from the scalp. This ensures that the cuticle on each hair is running the same way (downwards), which helps to keep the hair natural looking, shiny, soft and tangle free.

Are Platinum's 100% Human Hair Extensions Suitable for Everyone?

Hair extensions are a cosmetic procedure and they should be applied to healthy hair. Hair must be at least 5 – 8cms in length to provide comfortable attachments. There are some medical conditions that may make a minority of clients unsuitable for extensions, which is why Platinum certified salons offer a free, no obligation consultation. At this stage the client’s suitability can be ascertained and the salon can be confident they can produce a high quality result.


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